Learning & Teaching

A future of possibilities

St Mary’s is a place that inspires the minds of young learners through an educational process based on current research and a highly engaging contemporary learning environment. The extensive ‘green space’ provides a sensual, emotional and conscious connection to the land, air and sky. We take advantage of the ecological connection available in our natural outdoor spaces filled with bird life, mini-beasts, chickens, and expansive gardens including kitchen garden spaces. The accessibility to this environmental connection is a primary context and necessity in a culture with an emerging reduction of green space. The experience and promotion of sustainable practices is a critical aspect of our educational philosophy at St Mary’s.


Technology brings access to information that otherwise would not exist but when it turns into entertainment or becomes a substitute for experiencing reality then the adults have made a significant error in judgement.  Success and flourishing at St Mary’s begins with belonging and relationships.  Children learn to work hard with subject specific knowledge and skills for deep understanding, proficiency and application.


With learning and improvement as the goal, there is no need for motivational stickers, ribbons or student of the week. Achievement comes from effort, and though failure can be disappointing, it can be survived. Our view is that quality transferrable learning is constructed from the errors we make, challenging and stretching our current skills and knowledge.


Our professional staff have a commitment to ongoing study and development in applying the science of learning, neuroscience, systems design and sociology to education.


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