Why Choose St Mary's

Why Choose Our School?

  1. Small Class Sizes for Individual Attention.

Our school prides itself on maintaining small class sizes, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention from our dedicated teachers. This intimate learning environment allows for tailored instruction and support to meet the unique needs of every child.


  1. Strong Focus on Literacy and Numeracy

We place a significant emphasis on developing strong literacy and numeracy skills in our students. Our comprehensive programs and resources are designed to foster a solid foundation in these fundamental areas, laying the groundwork for academic success across all subjects.


  1. Consistent Teaching Programs Across All Grades

At our school, you can expect consistent and high-quality teaching programs that are aligned with educational standards. Whether your child is in early years or upper grades, they will experience a cohesive and progressive curriculum that promotes continuous learning and growth.


  1. Sense of Belonging and Community

Our school cultivates a warm and inclusive environment where every student feels a sense of belonging. We prioritize building strong relationships among students, staff, and families, creating a supportive community where everyone looks out for each other's well-being.


  1. Diverse Learning Opportunities

From sports to music, culture, and beyond, our school offers a wide range of learning opportunities to cater to diverse interests and talents. Students have the chance to explore various activities and develop new skills, fostering a holistic approach to education.


  1. Engagement with the Castlemaine Community

We believe in the importance of community engagement and provide our students with endless opportunities to interact with the broader Castlemaine community. Through partnerships, projects, and events, students gain valuable real-world experiences and contribute positively to their local area.


  1. Strong Senior Leadership Program

Our school offers a robust senior leadership program designed to empower students with leadership skills, responsibility, and opportunities for personal growth. Whether through student councils, mentoring programs, or leadership roles, we nurture the next generation of confident and capable leaders.



Choose our school for a holistic and enriching educational experience that prioritizes individual attention, academic excellence, community connection, and leadership development. We are dedicated to nurturing every student's potential and providing a supportive environment for their journey towards success.

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