Our School Goals


Education in Faith: To build an authentic and inclusive learning community where all honour the sacred dignity of each person and our planet earth.

We are a community of learners who:

  • embrace difference and diversity
  • search for truth.
  • build a culture of learning together creating relationships which enable partnerships and life-giving collaboration
  • engage with the deep questions of life, constantly opening up spaces of meaning which engage Catholic faith with what
  • matters most in the minds and hearts of our students.
  • honour equitable access and opportunity for all, with a particular commitment to those most in need.
  • highest standards possible based on reflective practice. commit to achieving the
  • make a difference in the world, inspired by the Gospel to grow in virtue and act for justice and the common good.

Learning and Teaching Goal: To ensure that purposeful and authentic learning is visible throughout St Mary’s.


Student Wellbeing: To provide a safe, supportive and consistent learning culture wherein students may flourish and their well-being is nurtured.


School Community: To improve student learning outcomes through partnerships with family, parish and community that creates a positive sense of belonging.


Leadership and Management: To create a vibrant learning community at St Mary’s that is characterised by a culture of professional dialogue, collegiality and teamwork in an environment aimed at improvement of all.


We are a faith inspired community of learners who are committed to:

  • creating a happy environment which is conducive to learning and well-being
  • implementing a comprehensive, richly diverse and stimulating curriculum which engages children with their learning and
  • responds to their individual needs;
  • fostering positive and respectful relationships among all members of the school community;
  • providing a child safe environment where children are treated with respect and kindness.
  • caring for and learning to live from our sacred earth, therefore embedding sustainable practice in how we operate as a community.

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